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Hi, I'm ZebraOnesie (a.k.a. Charlie). I'm one of the Administrators and the Founder of the ChicagoTV Wiki.I created this wiki because there are many series' in the franchise now and I thought it would be better to have everything all in one place. Especially with all the cross-overs and such.

About Me

I'm eighteen years old, currently working at a local company in my town. I like video-games, television and movies such as: Rainbow Six, Battlefield, Chicago Franchise, Criminal Minds and many more.

I'm currently active on: ChicagoTV, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and Chicago Med Wiki's while I work on integrating everything over here.

Any questions about me or the Wiki, feel free to leave a message on my wall.

About the Wiki

My aim for the wiki is to get it popular. There are millions of fans across the entire franchise, and I want this wiki to be the place people come for information on their favourite characters, episodes, etc...

I will be working on the Wiki almost everyday. Creating new articles and templates as well as moderating the wiki to ensure we have no vandals or trolls. It is important to keep the Wiki updated and well functioned and to ensure that everything is correct, otherwise people won't come here.

Yes. I will be looking for admins and moderators over the coming weeks.

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