Stella Kidd is a firefighter at Firehouse 51.

Season 4

Stella joined 51 in Bad For the Soul.

Season 5

In The Hose or the Animal, the team was at Molly's and Stella went out to the back. She found Grant, her ex-husband, holding a knife and shouting at her for leaving him. He felt betrayed. Stella tried to calm him down and Kelly found the two. Things escalated and Severide stabbed Grant in the neck.

After investigation in A Real Wakeup Call, Grant is detained again as he escaped from his psychiatric institution. Stella decides to not go ahead with the attempted murder charges against Grant, which upsets Kelly.

Season 6

Stella got into a dispute with her landlord after he refused to fix her apartment. As a result, he evicted her. She went to stay with Kelly Severide, where she saw that Sylvie's friend, Hope, was also staying.

She took a disliking to Hope after that, especially since Hope accepted a job at 51. Sylvie told Stella that she'd been accused of theft by her old boss, but that it was a lie and that Hope was just trying to get away from her old life.

Before a call, she told Hope to get rid of the empty oxygen tanks. When she returned they were still there and she asked Hope, who replied that she didn't know who to call and that she thought she called the wrong number. Stella replied she has an 'excuse for everything' and said she'd do it herself, which slightly angered Hope.