Pat Halstead is the father of Jay and Will Halstead.

Not a lot is known about him and he has generally been out of the picture.


In Generation Gap, Jay stayed with his father and called Will to tell him that he was experiencing heart problems. Will took Connor to see him, and Pat refused to go to the hospital. Connor persuaded him to and when they got there, Connor said he needed surgery.

However, Connor also told Pat he had the non-surgical option. Will said that it wasn't long-term but Pat dismissed him and said he knew what he wanted. He said that if Will didn't like his choice, he should leave. Will was upset and angry and left the room, followed by Connor who told him he didn't even try to persuade him. Will told Connor that his father wouldn't listen to anything he had to say, because he considered him a "disappointment", because he thought that "real men" got to work straight away and didn't go to college. Connor asks him to tell Jay to talk to him instead, and Will says he won't listen to him either because "they have their own history"

When the clip is put in, Pat mocks Will, and this clearly disheartens him as he only wants to help his dad. He tells him to stop trying to help and thinking he knows everything.

However, the clip didn't hold up and Sharon Goodwin told Pat he needed surgery. Pat went in but asked Connor and her to not tell Will that he was right. In the operation room before the start, Pat tells Connor that Will was right after all. He says he was wrong about everything he said to him and that Will made something of himself. Connor says he must be proud, and Pat says he can't even begin to explain it.

During the surgery, Will and Jay waited outside. Will was more worried than Jay, who kept saying it would go fine. Afterwards, Will tried to explain to his dad he needed to take care of his diet, and his dad interrupted him by holding him. They had an emotional moment and both smiled at each other while Connor looked on.