Laura is the mother of Eva and Diego Dawson. She is Antonio Dawson's ex-wife.


Laura ran a bakery with the help of her children in Season 1. However, her and Antonio's marriage ran into trouble shortly after their son, Diego, was kidnapped by an offender that Intelligence had been investigating.

Later on, Antonio was shot after being involved in the same case. This was too much for Laura, who stopped him from going back into work. He contemplated his future in Intelligence, and told Hank that Laura was hesitant in letting him come back into the field. Hank asked him rhetorically if she expected him to stay behind a desk for the rest of his life.

Antonio went home that night to a note, and an empty house. Laura had left him and taken their children with her.

Laura is not seen again after this, but assumedly they have a custody arrangement as Diego and Eva sometimes are seen with Antonio.

In Season 5 of Chicago PD, it was revealed that Eva had moved in with Antonio. Antonio later revealed to Intelligence that Eva was a smart girl, but was having difficulty living with her mother's new boyfriend and so she moved out.