Jimmy Borrelli was a firefighter assigned to Truck 81. He was critically injured in the line of duty, and dismissed from both Ambulance 61 and Truck 81 due to loosing vision in his left eye.


Chicago Fire Department

Jimmy was the candidate for Truck 81 but due to a nearby firehouse closure another firefighter had priority and was allowed to choose what firehouse they wanted to join.

Jimmy was told he would have to transfer to another firehouse but was later offered a position on Ambulance 61 as he is also a trained paramedic and this was the only way he could stay at Firehouse 51.

Jimmy's brother was also a firefighter but was killed in the line of duty. Jimmy blamed Wallace Boden for his brothers death because Boden authorised his brother to stay in a collapsing building.

After returning for bereavement leave, there was tension in the firehouse. When responding to a motor vehicle accident, a fire broke out and Chief Boden ordered everyone to get away from the vehicle.

Jimmy disobeyed this order as he had no respect for the chief. This had consequences as the vehicle exploded while Jimmy was near it, critically injuring him.

Jimmy lost sight out of his left eye and sustained bad burns in the explosion and is now no longer authorised to be a firefighter or paramedic.