Captain Patterson was assigned the officer of Squad 3 to replace Severide, after a review conducted about the turnover rate under him on Squad 3 required further investigation.

Personality & Roles

Wallace Boden was the one to suggest him, as he knew Patterson from a prior event, and saw him as capable and loyal. However, Severide quickly sets in his mind that Patterson is out to get him. Severide provoked him on several occasions, and Patterson was harsh on striking back, even suspending him on one event.

However, he attempted to help Cruz, who was trying to help a friend. It's clear he tries to help but this isn't understood by other members of Squad, and he doesn't understand why they are so aggressive towards him.

When Chief Boden and Firehouse 51 were under scrutiny, he helped by calling the media to a wedding that was being held - despite superior orders not to hold it in the first place. The team took it the wrong way at the time when they saw it as him trying to take credit, trying to increase his popularity, rather than a nice gesture.

Kelly's father Benny came back to town to help Kelly dig up dirt on Patterson to get him his position back. He managed to find several offenses from when he was 17 which he told Severide to use. Kelly contemplated using the file but in the end, decided to give it to Patterson, who revealed the offenses were supposed to stay hidden after his mother committed suicide.

Patterson was also caught up with Riddle for a short period of time while he tried to get Boden fired, but that changed when Severide gave him his file as a way to exchange trust. He helped to calm Riddle down after Chief angrily stormed to the gala and accused Riddle of being the one behind trying to accuse him of attacking his neighbor.

Before Patterson transfers out, everyone meets up at Molly's, including Boden. They celebrate Boden regaining control of 51, and Severide becoming Lieutenant of Squad 3 once again.


  1. Patterson started off as an interim lieutenant replacement for Kelly Severide,
  2. Patterson was promoted to Chief of Battalion 25 by Chief Riddle originally until Boden's return. However after Boden was cleared of assault charges, Riddle tells Patterson to stay in charge since he believes Boden cannot run the house properly. Patterson then transfers out of Firehouse 51, to get Boden his job back, which angers Riddle.