Barbara "Bunny" Fletcher is the mother of Detective Erin Lindsay and Teddy Courtney.

Little is known about Bunny's earlier life, but it has been famously known that she was hardly any good to her family and herself, and that remains so to this day. She was a chain smoker, drug-user, and drinks in excess, and often left her children, specifically Erin, to clean up her mess - one time, saving her life after she'd overdosed. Both of her children ended up trying to survive on the streets, barely in their teens - leading to Erin's criminal record and Teddy's being roped into a paedophile ring.

Season 5

Bunny got herself involved in a murder case in her latest string of bad decisions, and this time Intelligence was unable to help her out.

Erin was approached by the FBI and told that if she came to went with them, they would set Bunny free. Erin took the offer and moved away from Chicago to save Bunny.